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Vintage, a trend that Europa Star shares on with a serial of exciting articles

Vintagemania | INTRODUCTION

What’s behind the phenomenon? Of what is it symptomatic? Who is it affecting? This Europa Star Feature tries to answer these questions by taking the example of watches – which by their very nature as timepieces touch on issues at the core of the vintage phenomenon: the passage of time, nostalgia for bygone days, insecurity about the future.'

by Pierre Maillard – The fashion for vintage which has boomed over the course of the past decade concerns not only watches – far from it. Vintage is everywhere, in cars, fashion, home furnishings, music, cooking, cinema, even video games, as proven by the seemingly contradictorily named Web site:

Vintagemania | STRATEGIES


by Pierre Maillard – Officially, at Tudor, they don’t use the word “vintage”, preferring the term “retro-chic”. Old models are not “reissued”, they are “reinterpreted”. It was in 2010 that Tudor first set out to “reinterpret” its own history, and the approach has proved to be a winning formula. We attempt to deconstruct it.

Vintagemania | RETAILERS

BEYER CHRONOMETRIE ZURICH - "THE BRANDS ARE RETURNING TO THEIR ROOTS" Interview with Juergen Delémont, manager of vintage watches at Beyer Chronométrie Zürich.'

by Pierre Maillard – Beyer Chronométrie Zürich is a veritable institution. Dating back to 1760, the watchmaking Beyer dynasty came to Zurich in 1860 and in 1927 moved into the premises it still occupies today, at the heart of the city’s shopping and banking district. An agent for Patek Philippe without interruption since 1842, IWC since 1893, Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre since 1932 and another twenty or more other prestigious brands, Chronométrie Beyer is also the owner of a very large Horology Museum exhibiting numerous masterpieces collected over the years by the family, and open to the public since 1971. But Beyer has also had a Vintage Watches department since 1965, which has given it no mean edge over its rivals. Europa Star met Juergen Delémont, who heads up that department.

Vintagemania | RETAILERS

ICONEEK: "TODAY, EVERYTHING SELLS" – Interview with Vanessa and Fabien Chicha, founders of Iconeek.

by Pierre Maillard – Iconeek is both a well-provisioned site and a discreet location in Geneva specialising in vintage and modern watches. Europa Star met its two founders, Vanessa Chicha, formerly in charge of several boutiques of haute horlogerie brands (especially: Zenith, Omega, Jaquet Droz and Benoit de Gorski) and Fabien Chicha (watchmaker, expert and consultant who has worked notably at Christie’s and Antiquorum and is an expert with the Monte-Carlo Auction House and the Court of First Instance in Geneva)

Vintagemania | COLLECTORS


by Pierre Maillard – A whole contingent of young people born well after the “vintage” years of the 1960s and 70s seem irresistibly drawn by objects from the post-War economic boom period, now obsolete, but which for their parents represented the state of the art. Proof that the phenomenon is affecting a broad swathe of this younger generation is, for example, the rather incredible craze for Daniel Wellington watches which, by virtue of their “new vintage” simplicity, are in complete contrast with the thick, powerful and ostentatious designs that have predominated over the past decade.

Vintagemania | COLLECTORS


by Joël Pynson & Sébastien Chaulmontet – World leaders such as Omega Speedmasters, Breitling Navitimers, Rolex Daytonas and Heuer Carreras are frantically sought after and subject to intense speculation. Yet, the history of Swiss chronographs is not limited to these few models: on the contrary, it offers a surprising diversity for those who are curious enough to carry out some research.